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        01. Brief

Due to its portability and still-increasing performance, laptops are a quintessential tool for people, especially in the recent advent of remote + hybrid work.

However, frequent and long-term usage of laptops can lead to postural issues with the potential to exacerbate or cause musculoskeletal disorders. On top of that, the singular + narrow visual window of a conventional laptop’s monitor creates an inefficient user experience in regards to workflow and focus.

WorkMate began as a project to address these issues while building on the innovative benefits that come with the laptop: increased portability and performance for the user.

        02. Research

Remote worker @ coffee shop: a full-time remote worker of a few years - expressed strong interest in a product that combines the portability of an extra monitor with the advantages of a desktop monitor. Finds the portable monitor useful, but dislikes cable mess. Sometimes brings desktop monitor for monitor size, height, dual-monitor benefit.

College student @ coffee shop: using an iPad like a portable dual-monitor; primarily used for its note-taking capabilities.

Personal workstation: a common setup for working at home

        03. Ideation + Development

        04. Main features

Different configurations for different needs

          05. User storyboard

            06. Final